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UI Copy design plugin

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UI Copy design plugin

UI Copy
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The days of “Lorem ipsum” are numbered. Your clients, and yourself, deserve better content.

Whether you are designing an app or a website, UI Copy will help you come up with finer copy for your layout‘s content. How? Simple.

We analysed thousands of conversion-oriented websites and used our own wordsmithing intelligence to build a repository of words and phrases that you can use in your marketing copy.

UI Copy is not yet another AI tool. We used real humans to harvest words and phrases from real projects and our real brains, distilled them with 1001 rose petals, and added 3 drops of blood from a virgin unicorn. No AI tool can do that. And no unicorns were killed during the process.

🤙 Features

Voice and Tone – Helps you sound more casual and witty or more of a soulless corporate suit. As you might‘ve guessed, we prefer the former, but we are still being objective and balance the repository with 50/50 of each.

Smart Variables – We used the syntactic constructions of the English language to predict where things stay stable in a sentence and sprinkle in variables to assemble phrases for your specific need. No guarantee using the Oxford comma properly though.

☝️ Instructions

  1. Install the plugin: Figma · Adobe XD

  2. Purchase a license at this very screen

  3. Enter the license key in the Settings section of the plugin

Not clear enough? View detailed instructions.

🤘 Perks

Want a discount for an exchange of feedback?
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👉 Official website: uicopy.io

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